Wedding Updates

  • Camping!

    ... We've kind of had an overwhelming (or what I think is overwhelming) interest in camping at Willow Ridge Gardens. Most certainly the most economic way to party into the night and have a place to stay... and it seems to be becoming a very fun option.

    Let us know in your RSVP or a separate email if you plan on camping. We'll send a more detailed email to the campers in a couple of weeks.

    Oh... and yes, there is running water and a bathroom not far from the camping...

    Added by Amanda on Wed, May 20th 2009

  • Hotel Reservation Update

    I have recently been calling around to check availability at various hotels in the area. Right now things are sounding booked up. Actually, be patient! Both the AmericInn in New Richmond and in Stillwater, for example, have wedding blocks that will be released on May 13th. Try waiting to make your reservations until then and you'll likely have better luck with both rates and location.

    Added by Amanda on Wed, May 6th 2009

  • Welcome Family and Friends!

    If you're here it probably means you received your invitation. Welcome. This website has way more infomation than the typical guest needs or wants, but it sure was fun to create. (A little navel gazing never hurt anyone!)

    If you're from Minnesota, RSVP and then take a peak at the "FAQs about Wedding Section". This will give you more information on where to go and what time to get there.

    If you're from out of state, RSVP and then take a peak at the "FAQs about Travel" and "FAQs about Wedding Section". This will give you more information on where to fly into, where to stay, and more details about the wedding.

    Tamas and I are both so excited to see our family and friends and share what we hope to be a gorgeous day on the farm with each of you.

    Added by Amanda on Tue, May 5th 2009

  • Save the Date

    June 13, 2009

    Please mark your calendars for June 13, 2009. We will be married in New Richmond, Wisconsin at Willow Ridge Gardens.

    We are trying to do things a little different, so please check the "FAQs About Wedding" section so all your questions can be answered.

    Added by Amanda on Fri, Feb 6th 2009